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John Orlikow

Candidate in the 2014 River Heights - Fort Garry Council Ward race.

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Questionnaire Response

Why did you decide to run in the 2014 Winnipeg Civic Election?

I grew up with my family in the Ward and have had the incredible opportunity to serve the community as their City Councillor for the past five years. I have used my experience and skills to improve our neighbourhood including increasing the number of streets and back lanes repaired each year, replacing and enhancing over 15 play structures and recreation fields, ensuring the Waverley Underpass takes traffic out of our neighbourhoods and providing an independent voice on Council that introduced the motion that sent the Fire Hall Fiasco, Police HQ boondoggle and the Real Estate Audit to Manitoba Justice, beginning the process of restoring the public trust in their municipal government.

What experience will you bring to compliment your role as Councillor?

I know how to get things done for our Ward. I have learned how to get motions passed that address the needs of our Ward and how to defeat those that are not in the best interest of the Ward. During my career as a Conflict Manager and School Trustee, I gained the experience and skills needed for the position and my record these last five years are evidence that I remain an independent, balanced and effective voice for the Ward on City Council.

What are some issues that you would like to stand for in your role as Councillor, and why are these issues important to you?

I stand for celebrating the uniqueness of the 20 neighbourhoods that make up the River Heights/Ft. Garry Ward and addressing neighbourhoods’ issues. I already believe that this Ward is an example of urban living in which everyone is safe and welcome. The Ward should be residents’ first choice to live in and, by addressing local issues, they will continue to help us build an even better community.

The common issues that I have been addressing are: - repairing more streets and back lanes, - protecting our urban forest, - improving public spaces including parks and community centres, - improving connectivity, - getting traffic out of residential neighbourhoods, - in-fill guidelines to ensure developments blend into the neighbourhoods they are joining, - making sure that your tax dollars are spent wisely.

What is one thing in particular that you appreciate about the ward you wish to represent?

The people.

The rich history and the people’s connection to their neighbourhood is expressed throughout the Ward as a pride of place which I will continue to work with to make our neighbourhoods even better places for families to grow up and stay.

The incredible talent of the people throughout the Ward is an amazing asset for me as their input and experience are always included in my decision-making process.

This is why I created the Community Connections Strategy that includes “Listening Tours”, an issue and neighbourhood-based web page, E-bulletins sent directly to residents detailing issues that affect their neighbourhoods, numerous town halls and the establishment of advisory groups.

Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

Much has been accomplished in the last five years as your City Councillor including:

  • Increasing the number of streets, back lanes and sidewalks repaired each year,
  • Making sure an appropriate amount of densification of Academy Road reflects the history and neighbourhood’s love of trees but does not become the new Osborne Village,
  • Creating two of the largest in-fills in Winnipeg that include residential and commercial buildings, green spaces and pathways,
  • Making sure the Waverley Underpass flows traffic around neighbourhoods and is not an over-pass that would push traffic into local neighbourhoods,
  • Making our playgrounds safer and more enjoyable by replacing and/or enhancing over 15 play structures and enhancing green spaces.

My proven record working for you, my experience in getting things done for the Ward and my life-long commitment to the Ward illustrate that I am best person to represent the River Heights/Fort Garry Ward. I ask for your vote to re-elect me your City Councillor on October 22, 2014.

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Integrity Commissioner position on the agenda at city hall

Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Councillor John Orlikow expects the motion will pass EPC and city council with little difficulty, but getting the province to change the city's charter is a bigger challenge. "I think it will be a little bit of a challenge,with this [provincial ...

City hall to host budget open houses

Tuesday, 01 December 2015

John Orlikow said there are many non-profit daycares operating out of civic facilities that have invested more in their buildings but do not get a waiver on their common fees. Coun. Jenny Gerbasi said the MDA's request amounts to a request for an ...

St. B artists' group asks city for waiver on annual service fees

Monday, 30 November 2015

John Orlikow said there are many non-profit daycares operating out of civic facilities who have invested more in their buildings but do not get a waiver on their common fees. Coun. Jenny Gerbasi said the MDA's request amounts to a request for an ...

CentreVenture's fine: City review

Friday, 27 November 2015

John Orlikow as well as fellow working group members for all the time and effort invested in this review," said Mayor Brian Bowman in a release. "The motion coming forward reaffirms CentreVenture's mandate, and recognizes that CentreVenture is a key ...

Pharmacy owner wants city, province to regulate pot sales

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

John Orlikow, the chair of the property, planning and development committee of city hall, said Winnipeg has already started a conversation with the province about regulation, but it's up to the federal government to open the door on pot-through ...

Tangerine kills Transcona popup branch but still looking in city

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Planners were also uncertain if the temporary nature of the container would exempt Tangerine from paying any property or business taxes on the branch. While Coun. Jenny Gerbasi supported the Tangerine plan, Coun. John Orlikow voted against it ...

Waverley West recreational campus takes first step

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

This would include fire stations, libraries, police, parks, recreation and transit. But the province refused to allow the city to charge the new fee in 2013. Coun. John Orlikow (River Heights-Fort Garry), who chairs the committee, said securing growth ...

City committee denies online bank's plan to set up promo office inside ...

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

But area councillor Russ Wyatt (Transcona) lobbied against the business over concerns this would simply be a way around paying billboard fees and taxes. Coun. John Orlikow (River Heights – Fort Garry) raised safety issues about the container's location ...

Popup bank tied up by committee

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

John Orlikow voted against it. Coun. Matt Allard was away on city business during the vote, while Coun. Russ Wyatt (Transcona) couldn't participate in the decision, as he previously voted on the proposal as part of the East Kildonan-Transcona community ...

Sharma reelected speaker; other committees appointed

Wednesday, 04 November 2015

Innovation: Jeff Browaty (chair), John Orlikow, Cindy Gilroy, and Marty Morantz. Property and development, heritage and downtown development: John Orlikow (chair), Jenny Gerbasi, Russ Wyatt, Matt Allard. Protection, community services and parks: Mike ...

Coun. Devi Sharma reelected as speaker, committee councillors named

Wednesday, 04 November 2015

John Orlikow (River Heights-Fort Garry), Gilroy, and Morantz (Charleswood-Tuxedo-Whyte Ridge). Property & Development, Heritage & Downtown Development. Chairman John Orlikow and Couns. Gerbasi (Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry), Matt Allard (St.

Executive policy committee largely unchanged

Monday, 02 November 2015

Jeff Browaty (North Kildonan), Janice Lukes (South Winnipeg-St. Norbert), Mike Pagtakhan (Point Douglas), John Orlikow (River Heights-Fort Garry), Marty Morantz (Charleswood-Tuxedo-Whyte Ridge) and Brian Mayes (St. Vital) will remain on EPC. Coun.

Mayes to be liaison for school divisions at city hall

Thursday, 29 October 2015

John) Orlikow put some money into Kelvin's field house," Mayes said. "The civic-engagement piece is exciting." The city would like to see young people get more involved in the community, said Mayes, and together council and school boards could ...

Chair of innovation among new council roles doled out

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

John Orlikow (River Heights-Fort Garry): chair of property and development, heritage and downtown development; Coun. Mike Pagtakhan (Point Douglas): chair of protection, community services and parks, deputy mayor; Additional appointments include: ...

Same names, new titles for EPC committee members

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

John Orlikow: chairman of property and development, heritage and downtown development;; Coun. Marty Morantz: remains chairman of finance;; Coun. Brian Mayes: chairman of the new water and waste, riverbank management and the environment (formerly ...

Reports on civic projects under $20M to be waived

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Matt Allard, Jeff Browaty, Jenny Gerbasi, Cindy Gilroy, Janice Lukes, Brian Mayes, Marty Morantz, John Orlikow, Mike Pagtakhan, Devi Sharma. Voting against: 5. Couns. Shawn Dobson, Ross Eadie, Scott Gillingham, Jason Schreyer, Russ Wyatt ...

City debt ceiling increased, despite protests

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

... Mike Pagtakhan (Point Douglas); Marty Morantz (Charleswood-Tuxedo-Whyte Ridge); Jeff Browaty (North Kildonan); Janice Lukes (South Winnipeg-St. Norbert); Brian Mayes (St. Vital); Matt Allard (St. Boniface); John Orlikow (River Heights-Fort Garry ...

Bees, pot, and condos discussed at Winnipeg's city hall

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Those are illegal activities. We can't regulate an illegal activity,” said Coun. John Orlikow (River Heights-Fort Garry). Coun. Ross Eadie (Mynarski)'s motion called on city staff to regulate direct pot sales before the drug is potentially legalized ...

St. Boniface climbing club looking for break on city's improvement fee

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Committee chairman Coun. John Orlikow said the city isn't in the financial position to waive fees even for a volunteer non-profit group. However, the committee reserved its decision until Nov. 30 for an administrative report. aldo.santin@freepress.mb ...

Winnipeg, MB, Canada / 680 CJOB Winnipeg's News & Information Leader

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Committee chair John Orlikow says work is being done behind the scenes. But he says council needs to decide on a policy for how to pay for things in new neighbourhoods. He says people disagree about whether taxpayers from other parts of the city should ...

Build Waverley West a community centre

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

But the committee's chair stressed consultation should be lengthy on a recreation project expected to cost $60 million. “Working with stakeholders and collaborating with stakeholders takes a little more time,” said Coun. John Orlikow (River Heights ...

Osborne Village condo proposal OK'd by City of Winnipeg committee

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

John Orlikow, who chairs the property and development committee. But not everyone in Osborne Village is opposed to the proposed development. Betty Carol Dejong, who has lived in the neighbourhood for years, said she's all for the project as long as it ...

New police HQ faces barriers

Tuesday, 06 October 2015

He and council property chairman John Orlikow (River Heights-Fort Garry) said they don't know why the cost of the bollards wasn't addressed during previous police-HQ budget conversations. Right now, there's no time frame for installing the bollards ...

Waverley Soccer Complex to be renamed

Monday, 28 September 2015

Coun. John Orlikow (River Heights-Fort Garry) presented the motion at the Sept. 16 meeting of City Centre Community Committee. According to the motion, Cantafio is the "father of modern soccer" in Winnipeg and the suggestion to rename the centre the ...

Osborne Village set for new development

Monday, 28 September 2015

16 City Centre Community Committee meeting. Despite vocal opposition to the development during a public hearing, Couns. Jenny Gerbasi (Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry), John Orlikow (River Heights-Fort Garry) and Cindy Gilroy (Daniel McIntyre) unanimously ...

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